Everything in the world today feels pressured, expensive, and stressful. Here at Evergreen Massage & Wellness, we want to make sure clients can enjoy a massage at an inexpensive and peaceful environment that allows them to relieve their pain, stress, and worries in life. Our membership is designed to provide our clients with an opportunity to care for their health and wellness at an affordable cost.



Our basic wellness plan that includes:

  • (1) massage session per month

  • Unused sessions roll-over (active member-only; unused session after the contract expires will not be redeemable)

  • 5% discounts on gift-certificate 

  • Share membership with 1 additional person

  • Priority placement on waitlist and last-minute appointment requests



Our membership is a contract based program. The client is required to sign a 3-months or 6-months wellness plan. The payment method is processed through the auto-debit on the 1st of every month.


Once you enrolled, your charges will not be refundable (you must pay the agreed amount each month until the plan expires). If your membership was terminated before the contracted period, there will be an early contract termination fee of $50.00 charged to your account. 


The membership will be automatically expired after 3-months or 6-months. Members can sign up for another membership contract at the reception.

Please ask our service staff for a membership contract and read the complete membership policy. 




                3 Months Contract                                                   6 Months Contract

(1) 60-minute session/month - $75                    (1) 60-minute session/month - $69                       

(2) 60-minute session/month - $150                 (2) 60-minute session/month - $138                     

(3) 60-minute session/month - $225                 (3) 60-minute session/month - $207

(1) 90-minute session/month - $115                 (1) 90-minute session/month - $109

(2) 90-minute session/month - $230                 (2) 90-minute session/month - $218

*Currently, 90-Minute massage availability is limited, and therapist specific, therefore we no longer offer (3) 90-minute session per month option.


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