Affordable & Stress-free

Everything in the world today feels pressured, expensive and stressful. Here at Evergreen Massage & Wellness, we want to make sure clients can enjoy a massage at an inexpensive and peaceful environment that allows them to relieve their pain, stress, and worries in life.


We believe bodywork is all about understanding the client’s health conditions and the body’s pressure areas, therefore matching the right therapist with the right pressure for you is the most important goal to us. 


We interview and hand-picked every therapist at Evergreen Massage & Wellness to ensure that they are not only a good therapist in the field, but also a good listener. After all, what good does it bring if your therapist doesn’t listen to your requests or needs?


More Than Just Massage

Evergreen Massage & Wellness is not a day spa or a medical doctor's office. We are an independent integrative massage clinic that offers customized massage services in a peaceful environment.


Our level of pressure system is designed to match your needs with the right therapist:


  • Level 1: Light Pressure (Stress-reduction massage and relaxation massage)

  • Level 2: Light to Medium Pressure (Therapeutic massage, reduce excessive stress and muscle relief massage with no trigger point)

  • Level 3: Medium to Firm (some trigger point massages and specific muscle layers)

  • Level 4: Deep Pressure (addressing the deepest layers of musculature)




About Cassidy

She graduated from East West College of Healing Arts (Portland, OR) in 2017. Her holistic style combines her passion for science with mindfulness and therapeutic touch to aid in the body’s natural healing process while supporting the client as a whole. Cassidy strives to create a deeply relaxing experience while tending to each client’s individual needs. She integrates a variety of modalities, such as myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Swedish, deep tissue massage, and stretching, to promote pain and tension relief. Cassidy is also a Hatha Yoga teacher and Meditation instructor.


Favorite Modalities

Therapeutic Touch, Deep Tissue, Swedish Relaxation


Other Modality Specialties

Myofascial Release, Craniosacral Relaxation, Trigger Point Therapy, Hot Stone Massage, Aromatherapy, Foot/Hand Massage, Active Isolated Stretching


Philosophy on Healing

Healing is a deeply personal journey and, more than anything, I believe in the healing power of kindness from ourselves and others.

License #MA60850522 (Graduated from East West College of Healing Arts in 2016)



About Jeannine

She graduated from Cortiva Massage Institute of Seattle in 2008. Her massage career began in Virginia working with college and professional athletes.  After working in several different work environments, she dedicated her massage practice to treatment work pulling from various modalities such as myofascial release, trigger point work, and deep tissue.  Jeannine has a love of learning and is very active in taking continuing education to further her knowledge of massage.  Currently, she is also getting her certification for personal training, to help create better treatment plans for her clients.

In her free time, Jeannine enjoys being outside with her three kids, exploring Washington, cooking, and practicing various types of yoga.


Favorite Modalities

Deep Tissue, Lymphatic drainage, Injury Treatment, Post Surgical/Scar Tissue


Other Modality Specialties

Reflexology, Trigger Point, Myofacial Release, Swedish


Philosophy on Healing

“I believe that the body is able to do a great deal of healing on its own.  Through massage, I am here to assist and help guide through your healing journey.  I use several different massage modalities, stretching and providing self-care for clients to bring healing to each case.”- Jeannine

License #MA60084204 (Graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage 2008)

Sports massage on leg


About Johnathan

Johnathan's philosophy for every patient interaction begins with the fundamental premise of treating everyone as if they were my family member. Johnathan always start by carefully listening to their individual concerns. Each person brings unique and interesting problems that require a thoughtful, personalized solution. The muscles are both wonderfully complicated and fascinating at the same time. He feels tremendously fortunate to have had the opportunity, honor and distinct privilege of serving them. Johnathan considers himself one of the lucky few who can freely admit that he truly loves his job.

Favorite Modalities

Sport Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish Relaxation


Other Modality Specialties

Active Isolated Stretching, Neuromuscular Techniques, Trigger Point


Philosophy on Healing

My primary goal is to help my patients get their normal lives back.

License #MA60524204 (Graduated from California Healing Arts, 2006 & Cortiva Institute, 2014)

Back Massage


Favorite Modalities

Sport Massage, Deep Tissue, Swedish/Relaxation


Other Modality Specialties

Myofascial Release

License #MA60584369 (Graduated from Spectrum Center School of Massage 2015)

Relaxing Massage


About Micaela

She graduated from Cortiva Massage Institute of Seattle in 2018. Her interest in massage began when she realized the mental as well as physical benefits of massage. Micaela holds her Bachelors in Social Work where she has spent much of the last few years working with survivors of trauma in a variety of settings.  She brings this love of helping others to heal to her massage and believes that massage can be used to heal both emotional and physical injuries. Micaela feels that all persons should have access to massage, especially those in marginalized communities.


She has experience working with LGBTQ community, individuals in the adult entertainment industry and trauma survivors.


Favorite Modalities

Neuromuscular, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue


Other Modality Specialties

Pre and Post-natal, Sports, Swedish/Relaxation 


Philosophy on Healing

“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.” ― Leo Buscaglia.

License #MA60908528 (Graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage 2018)



About Theresa

She graduated at Everest College as a Massage Therapist in 2014. She wants to say thank you to all her clients on the table and Evergreen Massage & Wellness for giving her the opportunity to become a great therapist. Theresa believes that being kinder, healthier, stronger and more compassionate give her the strength to provide excellent massage experience to the client. She has a wide range of modalities skills, from spa relaxation to injury treatment to therapeutic and many others. Theresa believes that self-care is extremely important to everyone's well-being and health. A safe environment to reduce stress, sore muscles, release tension or just a place to relax, enjoy and reconnect body, spirit and minds is a fundamental element of a great massage.

Favorite Modalities

Deep Tissue, Myofacial Release, Swedish/Relaxation


Other Modality Specialties

Trigger Point Therapy, Injury Treatment

Philosophy on Healing

Communication is the key to an amazing massage session.

Fun Facts

Walking up and appreciate another beautiful thing every day. Drink 2 cups of coffee and 2 treats per day.

License #MA60458585 (Graduated from Everest College 2014)



About Trudi

She graduated from Cortiva Massage Institute of Seattle in 2018. As a new massage therapist, she is delighted to share her knowledge of massage to help to improve each client's well-being. Her career is divided into two divergent fields: previously a leader in corporate talent acquisition for over twelve years, she has now shifted her career 180 degrees to pursue her dream of helping people live a pain-free life through the non-invasive method of massage. 


Favorite Modalities

Pre-and post-natal, Swedish, Injury Treatment


Other Modality Specialties

Neuromuscular, Myofacial Release


Philosophy on Healing

“My passion and work are to move individuals through the thought process of just "accepting" a specific state of health due to age or injury, and instead to improve the quality of life through the non-invasive method of massage. Each modality which I practice (from relaxation to pre-and post-natal to geriatric massage) can address individual challenges and enable the body to start to heal itself, providing for a state where a person can benefit exponentially by massage." -Trudi Sheridan-Lewis

License #MA60898228 (Graduated from Cortiva Institute of Massage 2018)

COVID-19 Contact Tracing Certified


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